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Cake Audio provides several services to enhance and build your high fidelity audio experience.

Turntable Setup

Our turntable setup will guide you in the equipment you need and sound room setup that is custom tailored to you. We will meet with you to discover what it is you are looking for in your audio sysytem.

Room Optimization

Begin building the sound system of your dreams. Through our extensive knowledge of our brands and their unique system functionality, we can help you create a sound environment based on your preferences and room acoustics.

System Optimization

Upgrade your current system with the latest and greatest in audio technology. With a close eye on merging technology and products, we are able to provide you with high end audio equipment at the earliest availability.

AC Power

Continue your audio education with informative articles on audio tech, terms and trends within the audio enthusiasts community.

‘Music should strike fire from the heart of man,
and bring tears from the eyes of woman.’
~ Ludwig Van Beethoven
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