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It's that good, and at a really good price

Rockport Avior Review

By Jeff Fritz, Sound Stage Global. January 2012

Rockport Technologies debuted the Avior loudspeaker, a model that retails for $29,500 per pair. That gives it the distinction of being the least-expensive speaker in the Superspeakers series of articles by more than $10,000. But I decided to include it for two reasons. First, as driven by VTL electronics, it sounded superb. It had even tonal balance, it was very coherent across the entire frequency band, and it reproduced transient attack with lightning-fast speed. The speakers also seemed to have a very low inherent noise floor — music just emerged from the space around them. But still, although the Avior uses the newest Rockport-made drive units, it doesn’t have the composite cabinetry the company is known for and there are several Rockport models that are more expensive. I include it here because it simply sounded better than several of the Superspeakers – certainly the Enigmas and Ventures, but even the Hansens and others. It’s that good, and at a really good price. And that gets it on this list.

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