Mythology Transform

Perfect solution to complete your high-fidelity system:

  • Masterpiece of our precision design and engineering
  • Against unwanted interference
  • Smartly-integrated multiple layers of Swing technology
  • Effectively managing internal as well as external vibration
  • The most flexible and versatile modular rack system


Mythology V4 Spikes
— Four vertical inline ceramic balls, swiftly and effectively draining vibration

Spinal Shoes
— Lite version of Anti Gravity, performing intermediate structure for quad columns

Anti Gravity
— Foundation of Mythology racks, made of triple swing technology integrated with special structure of vibration dissipation

The Transformer System
— Dual Gear: Accommodates most audio equipment in diverse sizes and shapes
— Cantilever: Lets Perfect Point+ move to perfect and best position

* Various our Footer Products can be installed instead of Perfect Point+
* Flexible modular structure, easily transforming to various layouts.

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