Brinkman 9.6 Tonearm

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The recently introduced model 9.6 tonearm utilities many of the same construction methods and materials from the 10.5 and 12.1 tonearms but uses a clever variation on the uni-pivot principle. While a lower priced alternative to the longer Brinkmann tonearms it is anything but entry-level in terms of its sonic performance.

The 9.6 has a close resemblance with the 10.5 tonearm. Various component parts that have proved to be perfect in our tonearms like the arm tube with the special hard ceramic surface, the headshell, the tonearm lift and also the mounting socket are also used for the 9.6 tonearm. Therefore the 9.6 can be mounted on tonearm bases with the same drillings as the 10.5 or 12.1.

The 9.6 uses a different bearing technique than the 10.5, it is a kind of unipivoted design. We use a miniature bearing mounted on a stainless steel tip for the horizontal mounting. A ceramic bearing at the bottom prevents the sideways motions of the tonearm. This bearing is friction free and allows a very smooth play. Unlike a magnetic or hydraulic damping, this solution creates a lively and also stable soundstage. The same miniature bearings are used for the vertical movement in a play free adjustment. The sound performance of the new tonearm 9.6 reaches our established tonearms well; of course it is a first match for most different cartridges.


Tonearm 9.6 Specifications

Distance platter center to tonearm bearing center 231.5 mm
Effective length 248.3 mm
Overhang 16.5 mm
Cartridge mount 1/2” connector, long holes
Minimum distance between mounting surface and platter top 28 mm
Dynamic mass ca. 12 g
Total weight ca. 400 g
Counterweight 140 g
Scope of delivery tonearm with 5-pole-SME-connector