Clearly the creation of a fanatical dedication to perfection

Highly resolving, effortlessly dynamic, utterly transparent, and full in balance, the Altair is one of the world’s great loudspeakers. In addition to this sonic performance, the Altair’s build-and-finish quality is as good as it gets. This loudspeaker is clearly the creation of a fanatical dedication to perfection in every aspect of its design and execution.
You should audition the Altair at your own risk; once you hear its magical ability to conjure up musicians right in front of you, your standards will forever be altered. I know that mine have. Robert Harley – The Absolute Sound


Woofer: 15” custom composite cone proprietary
Midbass: 8” custom composite cone proprietary
Midrange: 5.25” custom composite cone proprietary
Tweeter: 1” Berylium Dome
Internal Wiring: Transparent Audio
Height 52”
Width 20” (base)
Depth 35” (base)
Weight 515 lbs each
Frequency Response: 20hz – 30Khz, -3db
Nominal Impedence: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 91db SPL/2.83v
Minimum Amplifier Power: 50 watts